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The company organized Fun Games

2014/5/18 view:
    Labour Day and Youth Day is approaching, my company party , Amateur League branch in order to enrich the cultural life of Zhongfu Cold Chain Equipment Co. workers, advocates national " daily exercise , healthy life " campaign theme , improve the company the majority of spiritual civilization construction workers, employees of the company to promote the depth health movement , and enhance physical fitness of workers and staff cohesion, build a "harmonious Zhongfu ." Branch, branch meticulously organized group tug of war , basketball relay race , three-legged , skipping relay race , class enough and Chinese chess series of activities. ,
Events in at 13:00 on April 30 officially began , when the entire cold chain Zhongfu became a sea of joy , everywhere filled with joy , full of vitality , activity first is " tug of war ." Tug of war is one of the most prominent team project . The tournament workshop in the team as a unit . Organization of six teams. Despite the strength of some teams composed of some poor, but not far behind, the courage to fight . Highlights our team spirit and cohesion.
"Basketball Relay Race ", " three-legged " and " Jump Rope Relay Race " interesting and intense, although each team is on-site lottery game set , but can complement each other and encouragement among team members , each team member play to their maximum ability to actively participate in the " coordination and cooperation ," the spirit of our employees Zhongfu cold chain reflected most vividly .
"Level enough " and " Chinese Chess " is a two indoor game, which the two competitions is to show employees personal ability and wisdom of the project, intense but orderly competition site , we recount the game , wits , and sometimes wrestling However, sometimes offensive Fen , flexible use of skills , showing the ingenuity of our employees .
     The tournament in support of the company under the leadership race out of style, out of the tournament level , colleagues through this competition hearts of our employees go closer , stronger cohesion .